How Sleeping Your Left Side Will Improve Your Health


How Sleeping On Your Left Side Will Improve Your Health

Most people aren’t aware of this little nugget, but if you suffer from some form of a sleep disorder, sleeping on your left side can do a world of wonder to enhance the quality of sleep you will get.

Why, you ask?

Researchers agree that when you sleep on your right side, gravity forces your stomach acid to your esophagus instead of the pit of your stomach. When you sleep on your left side, this will help transfer stomach acid where it belongs.

Did you k now that sleeping on your left side is better for pregnant women? Yes, doctors have discovered that sleeping on your left side, when you are pregnant, because it keeps the baby’s weight from applying pressure to the large vein called the, “Inferior vena cava” which carries blood back to the heart from your feet and legs. Don’t be surprised if your doctor specifically recommends you sleeping on your left side.

By sleeping on the left side, you will soon discover the many benefits it can do for your health.

Other benefits of sleeping on your left side:

Improves Brain Health

Improves Circulation

Clears Lymph

Prevents and reduces snoring

Helps with constipation

Reduces cramps and back-aches

Improves your spleen health

Improves Digestion


As you can see by the list above, and some of the explanations, there are unequivocal advantages to your health. Everything from breathing a lot better, to reducing cramps, aches of your back, and constipation. If you want a healthier and more productive sleep, try sleeping on your left side instead of your back or right side.