Simple and Functional

Whenever I met with clients and they ask for my recommendations on how to upgrade their bathrooms in the most efficient and functional way, I always give suggestions that are based on their specific needs. No two clients are ever the same and that is why I am rarely the type to give the same advice to any of my clients. Recently, I have had a client ask for a new shower head for their bathroom.


After taking a look at their bathroom and their particular preferences, I told them that a low-flow shower head unit would be the best option for their remodeling project. I opined that the water pressure wouldn’t equate to the task at hand and that the new unit should be functional and easy for them to use above all other features. There are so many low-flow options available when it comes to shower heads, however, so I ran down a few options from and told them to choose from the shortlist.


What are the benefits to having a low-flow showerhead you may ask? What you can save by investing in one are significant. Well, for starters, they will save lots of water which in turn lowers our electricity and water bills substantially. As most people are aware of, the planet needs to conserve as much as possible across the board and I believe this is an excellent way to get started with helping the environment. Every little bit that we can do to help Mother Nature is always a benefit to the world at large.


Plus, they work just like a standard shower head, but with less overhead costs. At the end of the day, there are very few disadvantages to owning a low-flow shower head as you are almost guaranteed to save money. The following are a couple that made the cut and which you could consider as well if you are searching for a low-flow shower head for your home.


High Sierra 1.5 GPM

With the High Sierra 1.5 GPM, users can expect to save a bundle on yearly water bills, thanks to its powerful low-flow showerhead action that comes with a splash guard that ensures water pressure is aimed directly at you at all times. This patented technology is instantly noticeable, and the construction of this unit includes a chrome finish that is polished and remains shiny for the life of the unit. To clean the product, simply use a bit of rubbing alcohol to keep it streak free and sparkling. There is also an FCS nozzle that remains clog-free for the duration of its life as well – it has been exclusively patented for their products only.


How much money can be saved with this unit? Well, it is possible to save about 1700 gallons per year on water, per person, in your home. That is a monumental amount of savings, with estimates of up to 40% savings on energy and water for the average household. This topic is discuss in depth on


Delta 75152

Considered one of the highest quality models available on the market and that set the standard for others to follow, the Delta 75152 provides full pressure without giving up any quality, operating at 2.5GPM at 80psi. There are two settings that feature bigger spray holes to reduce clogging and easy cleaning. It also mixes water and air pressure which means no water is wasted. Learn more below:


Another great aspect is that the Delta 75152 is user-friendly and simple to install, with no tools necessary to swap it out with your old shower head. An internal ball permits a smooth rotation and keeps its position stable, although there is no handheld mode with this model. But other than that, its versatility and durability will substantially lower your water bills over time.


This model is a beaut – with a clean, chromed finish that remains sparkling for years and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol as needed. One of the main advantages of this model is that you can actually receive a great massage with this model and still save on water output. It comes with standard dimensions, with a spray face diameter of 3-7/8 inches. This design means less water is dispersed into the air for a powerful pressure that will soothe your entire body.