A Fence Painting Wand

Well, it seems like the time has finally come for me to replace the hand-held paint sprayer I have had in my garage for quite some time. Since I have had one for so long, I simply cannot imagine not being able to count on one for the many painting tasks I have to do around the house every year. I highly recommend them for painting fences and many of my friends have taken my advice and taken the plunge as well. Since I have had the pleasure of using a few models over the years, I can give you a few tips on a couple of the best models to consider when you are searching for a hand-held spray painter.

Wagner Painter Plus 0525027

For those that want to get their painting done effectively and as quickly as possible, the Wagner Painter Plus 0525027 is a brilliant hand-held option to consider. With this paint sprayer, you can finish tasks up to three times faster than typical models can accomplish. Sing piston pump technology that is exceedingly fast, you can spray across all types of surfaces with ease, with a rotating nozzle that comes with it that allows you to adjust for width and the pattern you prefer. Also, it is not necessary to be a master to use this machine and many users have noted that no experience is necessary at all. Simply fill the reservoirs with the paint you want and pull the trigger.

Other notable features include the Optimus Dual Tip Technology that ensures you don’t overspray and that coverage is even. Plus, you don’t have to worry about debris flying everywhere while painting. Another feature that I particularly love is the EZ tilt flexible suction that gets rid of the jamming issue that can affect other models when paint becomes thick and starts to clump. You can spray over 6 gallons of paint with this model per hour, making it ideal for mid-sized tasks from painting a fence or kitchen cabinets.

Wagner is a company well-known for producing quality equipment, so never worry about the materials they use or the durability of quality of their products – whether you are a novice or a professional, these products are easy to use and affordable, so your budget won’t be compromised. They’ve been in this industry for many years, so they truly know what features that consumers are looking for and they give them, all at price points that I can get behind. Add this one to your toolbox and you will be immediately glad you did.

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Graco 16Y385

Cover any surface with ease using the Graco 16Y385, which is easy to use and in fact, can be used directly after unpacking with no setup or instructions necessary. This is one of the first paint sprayers I ever used because it is so user-friendly and offers amazing versatility and premium performance at a great price. This is a great model to consider as it can cover any type of painting job that you need to be completed. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a machine when you can purchase this version and achieve the same results?


Weighing only 4 pounds, you won’t have to worry about this machine stressing your joints while using it, and it also has the ability to paint in any direction, even when upside down. Another truly great feature is that no paint thinners are necessary with this model, saving you both time and energy. Trust me when I say that I have saved a lot of time using the Graco 16Y385 because applying paint thinner can really take up a lot of time, more than most people even realize until they have to do it a few times.


I highly recommend this model for those that want projects finished fast and want to cover a lot of areas. This page is a must visit if you’re into furniture painting. If you are a DIY, this is a mandatory asset that should be included on your list. Now that I have had enough experience using a few machines, I have suggested this one to many people that are new to repair work around their homes and they too have become fervent supporters in this model as it makes every task that much easier.

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